A Law firm in Uganda is trending on Social media for a brief and epic response to a letter sent to their client who is a member of Parliament in Uganda.

A copy of the letter which was obtained by Courtroom Mail was dated the 6th day of January 2020 and addressed to Mushabe, Munungu & co. advocates.

The Member of Parliament, Peter Ogwang has been under pressure to resign his seat for alleged lack of the requisite academic qualifications.

Through his lawyers of Mushabe Munungu & Co Advocates, Emmanuel Byamukama Tayebwa has written a notice of intention to sue to Mr Ogwang for lack of the requisite educational qualifications for an MP or it’s equivalent stating as follows:

“You don’t possess requisite education qualifications or the equivalent thereof from any institution in Uganda or outside Uganda whatsoever. You contested and were illegally nominated as Eastern Youth MP candidate, elected and served as a Youth MP contrary to the Constitution of Uganda and electoral laws of Uganda there under,” reads part of the notice.

A Member of Parliament is expected to have a minimum of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent.
The January 6, 2020 notice signed by the company lawyers including David Gureme Mushabe and Kenneth Gideon Munungu notes that Mr Ogwang was illegally nominated and reelected as a Member of Parliament for Usuk County in 2016.

They argue that his presence in Parliament misled President Museveni to appoint him as the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) State Minister.
“You were vetted by the Parliament of Uganda on 3rd January 2020 based on falsified academic certificates contrary to the Constitution of Uganda and electoral laws. You have ignored and failed to disclose your true education qualifications to the appointing powers with intent to, again, continue drawing the taxpayers’ money in the form of a salary when you are not qualified so to do,” further reads the notice to Ogwang.

According to the law firm, Mr Tayebwa intends to bring legal action against Mr Ogwang and the Attorney General in his right as a taxpayer and seek a court order declaring his stay in parliament and continued receipt of salary as unlawful.

They want Mr Ogwang to resign from Parliament and decline the ministerial appointment warning that they will proceed to institute civil proceedings should he fail to comply within 24 hours.

However, Ogwang’s lawyers from K&K Advocates have responded to the notice giving Mushabe Munungu & Co Advocates a go-ahead to sue.
“We act for and on behalf of Hon. Peter Ogwang our client who has placed in our hands your letter dated 6th instant the contents of which have been noted with instructions to respond hereunder. Please sue,” reads a response from Mr Ogwang’s lawyers.

But Ogwang insists that he possesses the required minimum academic qualifications and that he was ably and legally nominated as MP both in 2011 and 2016.

Lawyers are often taught to be brief in Law school but they have over the years thrived in being verbose and repetitive in their practice. The brevity of the response by K and K advocates is what has sent Lawyers across Africa and beyond laughing out loud.

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