An employment judge who shouted at a claimant in tribunal proceedings has been issued with a formal warning for misconduct.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said in a disciplinary statement published last week that an investigation was carried out after a party complained that Judge Martin Brewer shouted at her and intervened excessively in a hearing, causing the party to abandon her claim.

“Judge Brewer explained that it had been a difficult hearing, in which the bench had had to intervene in order to adjudicate properly. Whilst he had apologised at the hearing for shouting on one occasion, Judge Brewer accepted that he had shown frustration and that his behaviour had fallen short,’ the JCIO said.

An investigation by the employment tribunals president found that Brewer ‘displayed discourtesy, rudeness and impatience towards the party, which amounted to misconduct’.

The statement added: ‘Having considered the mitigation offered by Judge Brewer, the senior president of tribunals and lord chancellor agreed with the tribunal president’s recommendation.’

Law gazette

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