1. Lawyers who hang their bib on the rear mirror of their car:                                                             Sometimes I wonder what these Lawyers want to prove apart from showing that they have made it in life. These categories of lawyers wear their bib everywhere even to town Union meetings. lol


2. Lawyers who introduce themselves as Barrister ….:

If we mention members of some NBA branches of the NBA now they will start writing petition against us so let us leave them alone. This practice is common with lawyers who charge appearance fee.  If you don’t address them accordingly, it is an insult. If you hail them Barrister in public, their gait will change and they start bouncing like people who have made it in life. They even pay for your food if you hail them Barrister! in a restaurant.


3. Senior Advocates of Nigeria:

These people sef. Some of them have made it in life shaa. After sitting in the front row in court, when you see some of them in  church or ordinary naming ceremony, they will still want to sit down in the front seat even when they don’t have jurisdiction there.


4. Side Chicks to Partners:

You know those ones that sneak around with partners in Law firms or their oga in the Law firm? Those ones that fill in as acting wives in the office.The ones known as “First ladies”. When they walk around in the office, they walk  as if they have made it in life. Fear them. If you get into trouble in the office and they tell you that they will fix it, for crying out loud, go and sleep. They will!

If they threaten you that they will show you, forget it. Go and dust your CV. You will need to put it to use sooner than you think.


5. Lawyers in Big Law firms:

We know that there are no big Law Firms in Nigeria in the real sense of it globally but let us assume that the ones they call big law firms are big.  Apart from the ones who have the courage to start their own practice, Some Lawyers who work there behave as if they have made it in life until the Children of the founders return from the UK. Even those who parade themselves as partners will discover that they have been Regents. They will think now that we have bad belle for them.  That one no concern Aduke.


6. Lawyers who don’t post or comment on Facebook:

These category of lawyers usually have a false impression of themselves that make them think that they are mature and behave as if they have made it in life. What they don’t know is that we that post believe that they are either depressed, brainwashed or suffering from chronic personality disorder. We may be wrong shaa.


7. New Wigs: Eyaaa!  It happens to all lawyers. When you are newly called to the Bar, you behave as if you have made it in life until you discover what life will make you sooner or later. Some are lucky though.

8. You know those juniors who carry the books, gowns and wigs of their SAN principal from the car to the court and from the court to the car. Watch them walk when performing that task, you will understand how people who believe they have made it in life behave in case you are still wondering how they behave.

I am Aduke. Come and beat me.

Thank you.

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  1. 😆 🤣 😂 @ ” You know those juniors who carry the books, gowns and wigs of their SAN principal 

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