The second edition of the Afam Osigwe Courtroom Mail Prize for young lawyers has opened.

The competition named after one of Nigeria’s well known lawyers and the former Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mazi Afam Osigwe SAN was instituted by Courtroom Mail to engage and encourage young lawyers in Nigeria.

The competition is open to all young Lawyers in Nigeria of seven years and below post call. For the 2023 edition, it is open to Lawyers called to the Nigerian Bar in or after 2016

The winner will get N150,000.00, the second will get 120,000.00 while the third will get N100,000 cash towards the purchase of a law book.

The competition will be in four stages and winners at all stages will be determined according to who answers the questions correctly.

The first stage has the first question (already posted) which is known as the registration question. Anyone who answers the first question on or before the 15th of June 2023 is deemed to have registered for the competition and will qualify for the second stage.

The second stage will have the second question. It will be opened at 8am on Saturday 17th of June 2023: The second stage is open to everyone who answered the registration question in stage one. Half of those who answer the second question correctly will qualify in stage 2 and shall be eligible to participate in stage 3.

Those who qualified in Stage 2 will compete in stage 3 question (which will be opened at 8am on Saturday 24th of June 2023 and the first 15 contestants to provide the correct answer will qualify for the finals.

The first, second and third participants to post the correct answer to the final question which will be opened at 8am on Saturday 1st of July 2023 will emerge as the winner of 2023 Afam Osigwe Courtroom Mail Prize for young lawyers

Note that, no one is allowed to join the competition after the first stage. All questions will be answered on the comment section for registered and logged in users.

Note also that when a participant answers one question more than once in a particular stage, the first answer will be considered.

Any participant who participates with two accounts will be disqualified at any stage it is discovered.

To access the questions every Saturday, go to Quiz Hall/Competition on the Menu.

The questions may be scheduled at any time but will be opened at 8am Nigerian time on the Saturdays slated for the competition.

Click here to register by answering the first question. Once you have answered the question, you are deemed to have registered whether you got it right or wrong. From the second stage, you must get it right to proceed.

Where the title to or interest in family or communal land is in issue, oral evidence of family or communal tradition concerning such title or interest is admissible.

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