1. Lawyers Table Tennis Open( Mfon Usoro) Cup is sponsored by one of Nigeria’s foremost Maritime Lawyers ,Mfon Usoro.
  2. The first official finals of the tournament was held in 2009 .
  3. The event holds every year until date. However,it did not hold in 2020 because of Covid- 19 restrictions.
  4. The female event was introduced in 2010.
  5. Lekan Ijelu was the first to ever win the tournament in 2009. He is now a Judge of the High Court of Lagos.
  6. Two of the 2009 participants are now Judges of Lagos State High Court while the 2011 Champion,Olusegun Fabunmi is a Senior Advocate.
  7. Titilayo Osagie was the first to win the female category of Lawyers Table Tennis Open( Mfon Usoro Cup).
  8. Titilayo Osagie has won the female tournament the most winning every year except 2017. She is the most decorated female player.
  9. Yetunde Martins was the first and only person to defeat Titilayo Osagie in the female category. This was in 2017.
  10. The total Prize money for the female category is higher than the Male category.This is because Efe Etomi supports the female Prize.
  11. Since the female category started in 2010,only two female Lawyers have won it.Titilayo Osagie has won it 11 times while Yetunde Martins won it once in 2017.
  12. Tunji Abdulhameed has won the championship the most wining it in 2013,2014,2015 and 2017. He is the most decorated male player.
  13. In 2018,for the first time in the history of the event,a lawyer from outside Lagos won the trophy .His name is Yahaya Olarewaju from Lokoja. He went ahead to win again in 2019.
  14. Lawyers table tennis Open(Mfon Usoro cup) is the biggest sporting event among lawyers in Nigeria. With lawyers from more than 15 states participating since inception.

15.In the 2018 finals,first time participants in the tournament took the 1st( Yahaya Olarewaju)2nd (Seye Oki )and 3rd (Joshua Nyengierefaka) positions in the mens’ finals.

  1. Adedayo Oshodi is the only lawyer who has played in all the tournaments since it started in 2009.
  2. Only two young Lawyers have won the male championship since inception. In 2010 it was won by Wale Oduwole who was called in 2004.In 2016 it was won by Kabir Adeleke called in 2011
  3. No young lawyer has ever won the female category of the event.
  4. The tournament did not take place in 2020 as a result of Covid- 19 restrictions.
  5. Ajila Oladapo who won the 2021 tournament will be playing as a defending Champion in 2022
  6. The event is officiated by Professional umpires from the Nigerian Table Tennis Federation.
  7. The 2022 finals will hold on Saturday 24th of September at 11am, National Stadium, Surulere.