The 2021 and the 3rd edition of Abimbola Akeredolu SAN Courtroom Mail quiz for Female Lawyers opens on the 24th of May.
The event which is open to young female Lawyers of 7 years post call and below (2014-2021)will release the registration question on the 24th of May.

The first question( Stage one) known as registration question will be open until the 4th of June and anyone who answers the question is deemed to have registered for the competition. All answers will be on the comment section below the questions.
The competition will now follow three more stages begining from 18th of June ,when a question or questions will be posted at 8am. The first half of the participants who get the questions correctly will qualify for stage three on the 25th of June when another question will be posted at 8am . Half of the participants that made it to stage three will now make it to the final stage where the first three to answer the final question (s) correctly will win .
The winners will go home with Law reports with the 1st going home with an executive subscription of Supreme Court reports from Lawbreed.

In line with the rules, no one is expected to answer any question more than once in a particular stage,if that happens,we will take the first. The faster you answer the questions starting from stage two, the more likelihood of winning.
All questions will be scheduled to open by 8am on competition days.
Participants are expected to Login to answer questions.

The 2020 competition was won by

Tolulope Famoroti- 1st Prize
Benedicta Oboh- 2nd Prize
Mekunye Isioma Christabel- 3rd

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