As J. K Gadzama’s popularity among lawyers continues to surge, pictures taken in different branches nd events of the NBA with lawyers across the country are making sensation.

We have selected some funny, lovely,serious entertaining pictures and for your information, we love number 15.

J.K – Let me show you my Instagram account. Follow me


J.K Gadzama thinking aloud- Wonderful! What will the NBA be without our women? Nothing


“This guy thinks he can dance Buga more than me” He is a learner


Calm down,it is not by dancing Buga,trust me,I will beat you on the dance floor


Some of you may not know,we have been doing this before Facebook started using it


Do you want to challenge me in my Tik Tok video? Don’t be scared


My name is Antonio Andolini from Corleon . By my right is Clemenza. Lol


We won’t tell you what J.k was saying here. If you don’t gerrit forget about it.


Seriously,I know your capabilities. I am very serious.


I love you guys.


Chief,we want to know if you are the coach or Technical adviser.E get why


This guy on red is looking at J.k’s tummy. J. K caught him. He has tummy too.


I need to make this Niger Delta native. Who is your tailor?


See how shy I am. I am very shy here please don’t be jealous. Equity frowns against double portion not four. Our female colleagues are the best.


We love this picture. It makes us wonder what he was like when he was a young man. Your gerrit?


What you just saw is a tip of the Iceberg. Don’t be carried away by this small lecture i delivered.We have bigger plans.


Olu,the problem you have is that you think you can dance. Don’t try me.


I love Benin. Congrats Olu


Everywhere I go,they will be begging me to show my dancing skills. I was still warming up here when they declared me winner.Ask our colleagues in this picture. They will confirm that i won. Lol


Don’t mind them, I had to squat a bit so that I will not be taller than all of them

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