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5 Things every Tenant must know

In 2011 a new Tenancy Law was passed in Lagos which harmonised the relationship between landlords and Tenants in Lagos State.The Law is similar to the Tenancy Laws across the country.

Landlord Tenant

In fact there are 25 THINGS Both Landlords and Tenants must know .Here we will deal with five that we regard as the most frequently asked questions and answer any other question you ask on the comment box. They are as follows: Continue reading 5 Things every Tenant must know

What you should know about divorcing your spouse in a Nigerian Court.


As a divorce lawyer in Nigeria,I am always confronted with the question, “How do I get divorce papers?” or “I want to give my husband/wife divorce papers to sign” Each time I hear that, I smile because I know we watch a lot of foreign movies in Nigeria. The truth is that there is nothing like divorce papers within the context of what most clients have in mind which is usually a procedure where you just send your spouse a paper and he or she signs zap!You are divorced.

In Nigeria, divorce called dissolution of marriage in our laws goes through a process. Continue reading What you should know about divorcing your spouse in a Nigerian Court.

My Landlord wants to enter my flat for Inspection. What do I do?

If you live in Lagos, the tenancy law provides that the Tenant shall permit the Landlord and his agents during the tenancy at all reasonable hours in the day time after previous written notice,to view the condition of the premises and to effect repairs in necessary parts of the building.

Note, the landlord must give you a written notice and you must agree with him on the date and time.

The Law says that it must be in daytime.