About and Rules

Our competitions are free and open..The process is simple.We post a question and the first to answer correctly on the comment section wins and depending on the number of prizes,it will be determined by the speed of commenting correctly. Fastest finger wins.To participate to win prizes in any form of quiz,you must read one book.

An answer is only valid if it is posted on the comment section of Quiz Hall

There are different types of competitions

The Book club Competitions(Open to all students of tertiary institutions) and

The Law Quiz Competitions(Open to Law Students and/or Lawyers)

For the book club,we recommend a books(mostly eBooks) and anyone who downloads and reads the book qualifies for our book club competitions and prizes.All questions are posted on the Quiz Hall because that is where the competitions hold.

Law Quiz Competitions- Competitions under this category are targeted at Law students and/or Lawyers.The questions are Law related.In some cases,you will be required to download and read a book to qualify.All questions are posted on the Quiz Hall because that is where the competitions hold.

General Rule

All competitions are usually in four stages.At the first stage,a simple question is posted and anybody that answers it is believed to have showed interest in the quiz.The second question will be posted then  the first fifty (50) members to post the correct answer of a question qualifies for the third stage where the first 20 will qualify for the last stage. The first to post a correct answer at the last stage wins and depending on the number of prizes, the prizes will be given in that order. For example, if we have ten prizes for any competition, it means that the first ten to post the correct answer will win the prize.Note that if you fail to post in the first question,you cannot compete in the subsequent stages. Answering the first question in a quiz is a form of registration.

We partner with individuals and organisations to sponsor our competitions and prizes come as cash,airtime,bursaries,books,coupons etc and below are prizes sponsored.

LAWYERS GAMES Prize: This prize is sponsored by the promoters of Lawyers GAMES under Law quiz.The quiz is held in November of every year.

Taiwo O Taiwo Prize: This prize is donated by a Nigerian Judge who has served as the Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association Lagos.The prize is targeted at Law students .The prize serves as Law school tuition Bursary for winners.The prize was donated to support winners in paying for their Law school tuition.

Lawfirmsinnigeria.com quiz:

Every December a prize of N150,000 is given in this quiz.The quiz is opened to all the first twenty five people in all book competitions held through out the year.If you have made it to the first twenty five of  any quiz held in a year,you will be eligible to compete in this quiz.The maiden prize will be given out in 2017.

We are working to engage many more people to donate prizes.